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Loya Restaurant

Interiors that transport you to the spice route!

The Loya restaurant in Delhi pays homage to the Spice Route, which was set up by the Portuguese explorers between the 15th and 16th centuries. The interiors are an immersive dialogue of global cultural influences and echo our design philosophy of evoking experiences. As a result, the design grammar celebrates handcrafted finishes – engaging the senses and emotions of the diners. The restaurant’s interior layout is divided into an inviting waiting area cum lounge, a bar and the main dining space with an intimate atmosphere. Cohesive design elements unite these spaces while exuding a distinct character.

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Just as the Indian food served in the restaurant is rooted in centuries-old recipes and techniques, the decor is steeped in tradition with Durries on the ceiling, copper accents, organic textures and a warm palette. Arabic influences in the forms of arches, pendant lamps and lattices take the customer on a visual journey of this rich past. Wall murals from the colonial area tie the look together.

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Central to the space narrative is the use of natural stone that symbolises the ruggedness of the landscapes. The colour scheme also draws inspiration from the spices such as saffron, red chillies, green cardamom and more. Loya takes the customers on undiscovered culinary traditions and proudly showcases heirloom ingredients.

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