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Chattarpur, Delhi

Nievus Villa

Modern vividness finds its calling in a classic Delhi residence

With a pristine white facade that encapsulates the essence of classic architectural design and interiors doused in rich colours, this Delhi home defines a genre of its own. Fab Studio was tasked with designing a home that reflects the homeowner’s personality within a strict time frame of a year. In tune with the firm’s design philosophy of crafting residences with unique identities, the spaces within give form to aspirations and individuality. The vision behind this project design was to create a classical space that exudes charm, warmth, and grandeur, while maintaining a disciplined aesthetic.

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Nievus Villa/Regal Ivory Chateau reimagines classical architecture in a contemporary context, breathing new life into the timeless style. The design seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living by adding verandahs and porches, creating spaces where one can relax and unwind. Checkerboard flooring adds a touch of classic sophistication to the overall design. The property boasts formal and informal gardens with inviting seating areas and a charming outhouse.

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The interiors are meticulously curated to align with the overarching design narrative, embracing modern-classical aesthetics. Distinctive colour palettes and carefully selected materials lend each room, given its unique purpose -– blending opulence and sophistication seamlessly. Permeating luxury and panache, this home is a testament to timeless aesthetics.

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